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    Parallel Computing Manager
Purchase PCM Order Form (100 kB download)

Your can purchase your own personally and uniquely registered N-node* version of PCM two ways:

Only your own custom-compiled version of PCM will be able to access other nodes of the same registration. The free download version can be accessed over the Internet via another copy of the same PCM downloaded from this web site. See the security section of the manual for details.

Your purchase will also begin the first year of your PCM subscription. With your active subscription, you will receive updates to PCM and technical support. This subscription is renewable.

You may send the order form and associated documents to the following postal mail address:

    Dauger Research, Inc.
    P. O. Box 3074
    Huntington Beach, CA 92605 USA

or fax to:

    (877) 373-5302

If separate billing and shipping addresses, purchase order numbers, or other special handling is required, please include the additional information.

For further details, contact Dauger Research or see the forms.

For Purchase Orders, please mail or fax the order forms and include the P. O. numbers and related documents.

(* A single-processor Macintosh counts as one node. A dual-processor Macintosh counts as one node.)


Note: This information is subject to change at any time.

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