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    Parallel Computing Manager
Scripting and Automation

Sample AppleScripts

Below are sample AppleScripts which can help automate the launch process. You may, for example, create a customized job queuing system using AppleScript based on the code provided below.

AppleScript iconSample AppleScripts (108 kB download)
Samples in AppleScript source code and compiled "droppable" script applications.
  • PCM droppable launch 4 script
  • PCM droppable launch 2 app
  • PCM droppable launch 4 app
  • PCM droppable 2,4,8 script
  • PCM droppable 2,4,8 app
For example, you may run the Fractal demo in parallel with one drop into one of these script applications.

The following scripts use PCM to distribute a single-processor executable on a cluster different from run to run only by an integer in a file named "input". The script has PCM retreive the output of those executions.

  • PCM droppable distribute script
  • PCM droppable distribute app
A simple piece of C code that squares the integer it is given accompanies these. You are welcome to customize and adapt these scripts to your single-processor code, which may require additional manipulation of its input (e.g., different input files) or output (e.g., coalescing output).

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Web Interface
Grid & Distributed
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For further details, please see the AppleScript chapter of the Manual.

Check back for updates!


You may use the above code at your own risk. The AppleScript code above should serve many purposes as is, but it is not a panacea. Therefore, please do go ahead and modify the source as you see fit for your particular situation, or use pieces of them to create new tools and capabilities (e.g., a custom queuing system in AppleScript and/or Unix). If your additions could benefit the community, please supply them so that others can benefit. You may also contribute via the parallel-mac-list Mailing List. The code here will be updated over time.

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