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Dauger Research at FOSE 2003

At the invitation of Apple Computer, Dr. Dean Dauger of Dauger Research presented the Parallel OperatiOn and Control Application Application and easy-to-use cluster computing at FOSE 2003, the information technology expo for the government marketplace held in Washington, D. C., on April 8-10. Also, the Dauger Research station was manned for the duration of the show.

If you look carefully in the image, you can see the AltiVec Fractal code running in parallel on the Cinema Display. It was running in parallel on a PowerBook G4 17" and two dual-processor XServes in a nearby rack in Washington, D. C., plus four dual-processor Power Mac G4s at the UCLA Physics Department in Hershey Hall back in Los Angeles, California. At the moment the picture was taken, the results from the local machines just completed, while the results from the UCLA machines were just about to arrive. This cross-continent cluster was regularly achieving upwards of 30 Gigaflops for the passers-by.

You may view a full size version of the presentation. Note: DSL/T1/Cable speeds only! The slides for the presentation were created using Keynote.

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