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Solar System Sim Screen Shot

Solar System Simulator

Solar System Sim is a program that simulates the N-body problem in three dimensions, but it uses a generalized r^p force law for any given p. The display is in perspective three-dimensions, can render pictures onto the simulated bodies in real-time, draws a star field based on actual star data, and is also capable of using cyan-red 3-D glasses for full three-dimensional visualization. The idea is to convey a sense of "being there" and interactivity. It also has a craft with thrusters that the user may use to attempt transfer orbits and gravity assists. The program is also accompanied by a variety of parameter files, including transfer orbits and a Voyager 2 "Grand Tour".

After Mojave, Apple ended support for the Carbon API this app uses. If you're not sure if it'll run on your macOS, you may download it so you can test. The availability of resources to rewrite the app will determine if support for new versions macOS after 10.14 becomes possible.

Solar System Sim Icon Solar System Sim 2.2 - (1.3 MB) Universal Application release of Solar System Sim version 2.2 for PowerPC and Intel Macs running OS X 10.3.9 through macOS "Mojave" 10.14. Changes include:

Added endian conversions for proper file reading and writing. Adapted source to Xcode. Updated application and file icons to be fully OS X. Modified appearance and behavior of dialog boxes and status window to be more compliant with the Aqua UI guidelines, including using sheets. Add the appropriate antialiased text to all displays.

SSS now recognizes both horizontal and vertical scroll wheels to guide the camera movement around the system. This is great fun with the Mighty Mouse!

Improved the stars display using antialiasing to help making the star motion smoother and more realistic-looking. Stars twinkle rather than crawl. Modified the Plot Trails setting of the example files.

For OS 9 and pre-OS X 10.3.9, we also provide a Carbon CFM version of SSS 2.2 (1 MB).

Solar System Sim Icon Solar System Sim 2.1 Beta (Carbon) - (1.4 MB) This a beta release of Solar System Sim version 2.1 for OS 9 and OS X. This download contains example universes, including numerous image files of the planets.

Solar System Sim Icon Solar System Sim 2.0.1 - (1.6 MB) This a shareware release of Solar System Sim version 2.0.1. It is for PowerPC Macintosh running the Classic Mac OS 8 and 9 only.

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