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High-performance parallel software utilizing:

  • TCP/IP, via MacMPI_XUB
  • Carbon (OS 9 & X)
  • Universal (Intel & PowerPC)
  • Parallel Fractal Carbon Screen Shot Parallel Fractal GPL source code with CodeWarrior Pro 6 and Xcode 2.2.1 project files (2 MB) - Universal Binary version of the Parallel Fractal, a numerically-intensive parallel graphics application, that uses the MacMPI_XUB.c library for communcations. The same source code compiles both in CodeWarrior, for creating Carbon CFM apps for OS 9 and X, and in Xcode, for creating a Universal Application on both Intel and PowerPC. The CFM version requires MacOS 8.5 or later with CarbonLib 1.0.4 or later. The Universal version requires OS X 10.3.9 or later. This open source is released under the Gnu General Public License. (see Pooch). 

    This code is meant to help people experiment with and learn parallel programming as well as show how an interactive parallel application is written for clusters. You may try different parallelization techniques or substitute different computational routines, if you wish.

    Introduced in the 2006 version, this code also shows how to have applications automatically acquire cluster resources by sending AppleEvents to Pooch.

    To run this application on a single processor of a Intel- or PowerPC-based Mac, no additional software is necessary.

    To run this in parallel on OS 9 and X, you will need Pooch.

    See the Pooch Quick Start for instructions on configuring your Macs for parallel computing. For information about writing your own parallel applications, see the Cluster Software Development Kit and the Compling MPI page.

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