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Apple Canada Video

"Plug-and-Play" Parallel Computing:
Build Your Own Parallel Computing Cluster in Under an Hour

Dr. Dean E. Dauger
Dauger Research, Inc.

Dr. Viktor K. Decyk
UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy

featuring live-to-tape demonstrations of Pooch clustering technology

  Apple Canada Video Still

Please note that the video is in QuickTime MPEG-4 format, so we recommend that you have QuickTime 6 or later from Apple.

Background of the Presentation

Apple Canada generously invited and hosted Dr. Dean Dauger of Dauger Research to give a series of presentations across Canada. This tour had him and his Apple Canada colleagues present at universities in the vicinities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal:

Dr. Dauger was very proud to present at these notable educational institutions. Live demonstrations of parallel computing were made, including linking machines in Canada with those back at UCLA, and every demonstration was successful. (Even the snow couldn't hold them back.) Each presentation generated a great deal of discussion and excitement about the present and future of the technology.

At Apple Canada's headquarters in Toronto, we also shot video of the presentations. We were able to make excerpts of the presentation available from this page.

We also provide a QuickTime movie of the slides for this presentation (10.6 MB) so you may follow along with the video. Note that the video above contains only a portion of what was presented. Much time was spent discussing a variety of physics and other scientific calculations we accomplished using Mac clusters.   Plug-and-Play Parallel Computing Title Slide

Apple Canada arranged to shoot this video live (in one take!) on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on March 6, 2002, and furnished Dauger Research with the material with the intention of posting it here. We thank Donna Church, Bruce Hough, Steve Hayman, Christianne Banfield, Pierre Moisan, and others of Apple Canada for their generous cooperation and support. Edited using iMovie.

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