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Other Software

Squeeze to Letterbox iMovie plug-in (212 kB download)

A plug in for iMovie that squeezes a clip in 4x3 down to letterbox-style 16x9.

Some video cameras are capable of shooting in 16x9 (widescreen) format rather than the standard TV format of 4x3. Such cameras usually stretch the data to the full 4x3 rectangle in order to maximize the vertical resolution of the stored video.

When handling this data, iMovie performs no interpretation of the data; i.e., iMovie presents the 16x9 data in a 4x3 rectangle. This effects filter is designed to efficiently and cleanly squeeze that data into the correct aspect ratio, 16x9, accompanied by the usual letterbox bars.

The implementation performs either linear or bicubic interpolation on interlaced or progressive frames. It also utilizes AltiVec (Velocity Engine), if available, so this code also contains a demonstration of vectorized code.

Released under GNU Public License.

Temperature Monitor for PowerPC Xserves (24 kB download)

A StartupItem that, in the background, collects statistics about the temperature of Xserve G5s

While Server Monitor provides current and recent temperature of an Xserve, it does not report minimum and maximum temperature of the day so that one could track Xserve's long-term temperature patterns over time. (/var/log/hwmond.log saves data once per boot, apparently.)

In this archive, temperaturemonitor.c uses the serveradmin command to access all the Xserve's temperature sensors, then sleeps for 60 seconds, and repeats, collecting the temperature of each Xserve component for every minute of every day. At midnight, it reduces the roughly 1440 samples of data for each sensor of the last day, extracting the minimum with time of day, maximum with the time of day, average with deviation, and median, all in degrees Celcius. This reduced data is saved into /Library/Logs/Temperature/, one line in one file per each temperature sensor, for later analysis, say to detect seasonal trends, in comma-delimited format.

The Makefile in this .zip also assembles the code into a temperaturedaemon.tar.gz, which contains a StartupItem to be placed in /Library/StartupItems/. Once installed, ownership of its files and folders may need to be changed to root.

Released freely under an as-is basis. Use of this code on Intel-based Xserves will need modification, as it requires ipmitool instead of serveradmin to access its temperature sensors.

© Copyright 2001-2010 Dauger Research, Inc. All rights reserved. PO Box 3074, Huntington Beach, CA 92605 USA