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"Keeping America Strong" Award to DR

Dauger Research Honored with "Keeping America Strong" Award

Huntington Beach, CA, USA - May 2, 2005 - Dauger Research, Inc., is the proud recipient of the "Keeping America Strong" award, part of a special television broadcast hosted by William Shatner. This production is one of a "Heartbeat of America" TV series focusing on innovative small businesses performing breakthrough work. The program features interviews by Doug Llewelyn, well-known as "The People's Court" reporter, of the team running Dauger Research, with a special focus on the Pooch product family providing the only easy-to-use yet supercomputer-compatible cluster computing solution.

"We are honored to receive the 'Keeping America Strong' award and appreciate the show's focus on our 'plug-and-play' cluster computing solutions, Pooch and Pooch Pro", said Dr. Dean Dauger, President of Dauger Research, Inc. "We value the show's recognition of small businesses like ourselves and the innovative new technologies we bring to customers. This episode shows how we maximize the power of cluster computing for its users."

Doug Llewelyn interviews Dr. Dauger and Kevin Sinclair, VP Operations, while they perform a live demonstration of their cluster technology. Hosted by William Shatner and Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney (ret), "Keeping America Strong" is a special 30-minute TV show spotlighting innovative small businesses. Rear Admiral Delaney, granted 98 awards and decorations by the US Navy, helps others recognize small businesses for their contribution to the US free-enterprise system. William Shatner, famous for starring in "The Twilight Zone", "Boston Legal", and, of course, as Captain Kirk in "Star Trek", contributes his fame to help promote small businesses like Dauger Research to help them in the corporate environment, improving America's standing in the world.

Nationwide broadcast of the program airs Tuesday, May 3, 2005, at 9 AM EST on the AmericanLife Television Network. Online versions of the show are available.

Dauger Research, Inc. makes high-performance computation and visualization easy to use and accessible to users. Our award-winning team, to better accomplish our scientific goals, reinvented the cluster computer in 1998, pioneering easy-to-use, high-performance clusters. Dauger Research, Inc., is committed to bridging the divides between the scientifically and technically complex and the mainstream.

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