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In the Beginning...

Mac clustering began at the UCLA Plasma Physics Group in 1998. Soon our approach to clustering spread worldwide.
In that year, Apple was kind enough to give us publicity in their inaugural issue of Apple University Arts (AUA).

AUA Front Top   AUA was a tabloid-sized periodical focused on success stories on the Macintosh in higher education.

In this issue's cover story, Apple gave us the moniker: "supercomputing for the rest of us".

Supercomputing for the Rest of Us

Creators of the first Mac cluster, we "reinvented" the cluster computer.

This was a time when the beige G3 and Mac OS 8 were the vanguards of personal computing, and the Bondi-blue iMac was new. In the day, naysayers questioned whether a Macintosh FLOP (floating-point operation) could be compared to a supercomputer FLOP.

  Viktor iMacs

First Page   Over time the perceived legitimacy of Macintosh clustering grew into its status today.

We weren't paid or told to cluster Macs. We were physicists, working on physics research, developing Mac clusters on the side.

First Mac Cluster Creators
Viktor Decyk, Pieter Kokelaar, Dean Dauger

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We've come a long way.

Our work continues. Click for the latest.

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