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Message-Passing Interface (MPI)

Supported Implementations of MPI

  1. MacMPI_X and MacMPI_S:
    For the MacMPI_X and MacMPI_S libraries in C and in Fortran on both OS 9 and X and compiling with the libraries, see the Cluster SDK, the Compiling the MPIs Page, or the AppleSeed Development Page.

    Other information about benchmarks, information about parallel computing, and writing parallel code is on the UCLA Department of Physics' AppleSeed web site.

    AppleSeed web site

  2. mpich: An open-source implementation of MPI, commonly used on Linux clusters. OS X 10.2 or later only.

  3. MPI-Pro: A commercial implementation of MPI developed and owned by MPI Software Technology, Inc. OS X 10.1 or later only.

  4. mpich-gm: A version of mpich modified by Myricom, Inc. to work with their Myrinet hardware. OS X 10.2.1 or later only.

  5. LAM/MPI: An open source implementation of MPI currently hosted by Indiana University OS X 10.3 or later only.

  6. MPJ Express: An open source messaging system for Java based on the MPI standard. OS X 10.4 or later only.

  7. Open MPI: An open source open source MPI implementation that is developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners. OS X 10.5 or later only.

Compiling the MPIs
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For more information about compiling your code with these MPIs, you may see the Compiling the MPIs Page.

Please note: These MPIs were not written by Dauger Research, Inc. Although we try to answer what we can, you might consider consulting the author(s) of the MPI you are using.

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