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Official Awards of Dauger Research, Inc.

  • "Keeping America Strong" Award

    Dauger Research, Inc., is the proud recipient of the "Keeping America Strong" award, part of a special television broadcast hosted by William Shatner. This production is one of a "Heartbeat of America" TV series focusing on innovative small businesses performing breakthrough work. The program features interviews by Doug Llewelyn, well-known as "The People's Court" reporter, of the team running Dauger Research, with a special focus on the only easy-to-use yet supercomputer-compatible cluster computing solution.


  • IEEE "Most Innovative" Software Award

    The IEEE Cluster conference awarded their "Best Commercial Exhibit - Software" prize to the "most innovative commercial software product", Pooch.

    This award is significant because all the major players in cluster computing was at this conference, yet a committee of an IEEE conference looked beyond the Linux solutions and pointed to a Macintosh clustering product as the "most innovative".

  • Media about Dauger Research, Inc.

    Apple Canada Video

    Apple Canada generously invited and hosted Dr. Dean Dauger of Dauger Research to give a series of presentations across Canada. This tour had him and his Apple Canada colleagues present at universities in the vicinities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. The following are clips from the Apple Canada video.

      Apple Canada Video Still

    Supercomputing Engine for Mathematica (formerly known as PoochMPI Toolkit)

    At the Wolfram Technology Conference 2006 in Champaign, Illinois, we presented the Supercomputing Engine for Mathematica. Below are links to a video we performed of the presentation, including tutorials on writing parallel code with MPI and a demonstration of using the Toolkit with an Xserve cluster. Click to view the video.

    iTunes Links

    Dauger Research Podcast

    Supercomputing Engine for Mathematica Video cast

    "Keeping America Strong" Profiles Dauger Research Video cast

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