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Dashboard Widgets for Clusters

Three Dashboard widgets to display the status of your cluster.

These widgets query Pooch for status data of the Mac cluster, processes it, and then displays the data in the Dashboard. They require OS X 10.4 or later and Pooch v1.6 or later.

Below you may download zip archives of these Dashboard widgets.

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Pooch Node Scan zip file Pooch Node Scan Widget (40 kB download in .zip)

This widget shows the current number of active nodes on the cluster, and estimates how much computing power (in millions of floating-point operations per second) that the Mac cluster is capable of. If some of the nodes are in use for a parallel computing job, that used capacity is displayed in red in a bar graph. The yellow indicates the partial load of the remaining nodes.


Pooch Job Scan zip file Pooch Job Scan Widget (32 kB download in .zip)

This widget uses Pooch's job data to display how many jobs are queued and the history of recently launched jobs. Past jobs are displayed in a graph, usually spanning days of data and delinated by day, showing how many nodes were involved in parallel computing from moment to moment.

Pooch Network Scan zip file Pooch Network Scan Widget (60 kB download in .zip)

This widget combines the above node and job widgets into one. The upper half provides the data shown in the Node Scan widget, while the lower half shows the job data from the Job Scan widget.

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