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What is Pooch?

Pooch is software providing the easiest way to assemble and operate a high-performance parallel computer. We encourage you to follow the Mac Cluster Recipe and see for yourself.

Mac Cluster Recipe
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A (Simulated) Demonstration

Below depicts what it would be like to run the Power Fractal app on a single node.

Fractal Display
Power Mac

Single node performance

However, this numerically-intensive application knows how to work with Pooch to access a Mac cluster. For example, if four nodes connected via a network were running Pooch, the application could use Pooch to access and combine the available resources to complete its task in less time.

Parallel Fractal Display
Power Mac Cable Lights Power Mac Cable Lights Power Mac Cable Lights Power Mac

Four nodes running in parallel

This even works over the Internet. Scientists and researchers worldwide are already reaping the benefits, but mainstream applications, properly parallelized for cluster computing, can benefit as well.

Of course, the above cartoons are a only depiction. You are welcome to see for yourself by downloading Pooch and the Power Fractal app. In addition, we feature a new list of parallel applications.

Note: If you know an application you'd like to see parallelized, we encourage you to suggest the idea to the developers of that app. Using our experience from scientific computing, we provide documentation, code examples, a software development kit, and consulting services here to help.


For further parallelization of other applications like iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut Pro, or DVD Studio Pro, please fill out our petition page to encourage its developers to parallelize their code or you may base your messages on our petition.

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