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The Recipe

The Mac Cluster Recipe

The ingredients and directions to getting your cluster up and running, fast!

No other cluster type is this easy to mix, so you can get your cluster to work for you quickly and easily.

Just follow the recipe:

What is Pooch?
Download Pooch
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Getting Started
Cluster Deployments
Pooch Quick Start
Pooch Links
Video - The Recipe
Pooch FAQ

Power Mac Power Mac Power Mac Power Mac Ethernet Switch Ethernet Cable Ethernet Cable
Macintosh Pro's* (with unique names) 100BaseT Ethernet Switch** Category 5 Ethernet Cables
(one per Mac)

1. Connect Cables from Macs to Switch Power Mac Power Mac Ethernet Switch

2. Download Pooch
Pooch Installer

3. Install Pooch. Repeat for each Mac.
Pooch Installer

Congratulations! You have built your Mac cluster!
(Yes, it is that easy)

You can use the AltiVec Fractal Carbon demo to test it.
See the Pooch Quick Start or the Pooch screen shots or the video to find out how!

*can substitute with G5s, iMacs, MacBooks, XServes, PowerBooks, iBooks, G3s or Intel-powered Macs
     - see Possible Deployments for more
**can substitute with Gigabit, Airport, or any network supporting TCP/IP

Parallel Fractal Display
Power Mac Cable Lights Power Mac Cable Lights Power Mac Cable Lights Power Mac

Four nodes running in parallel

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