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Huntington Beach, CA, USA - July 11, 2008 - Dauger Research, Inc., proudly introduces Atom in a Box for the iPhone. The popular, award-winning Atom in a Box educational and scientific software uses 3D real-time volumetric raytracing to present what the Hydrogen atom "looks" like. By presenting the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals in an intuitive user interface, Atom in a Box stimulates appreciation of the aesthetic in science yet portrays its subject faithfully, appealing to all from children to Nobel laureates. Long available on the Mac, Atom in a Box is available today internationally via Apple's new App Store for the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

"Atom in a Box was a side project while I was a physics graduate student at UCLA", says Dean Dauger, President of Dauger Research, Inc. "I wanted to 'see' an atom for myself, imagining that I could touch a quantum orbital. Now we can get even closer to holding an atom using a handheld multitouch device like the iPhone. We are grateful for all the wonderful feedback from people about Atom in a Box, so we hope to share our fascination with science renewed in the next computing generation."

"Dean Dauger's marvelous 'Atom in a Box' shows the lovely, almost sensuous patterns of undulating waves that describe the possible states of that simplest of atoms, Hydrogen. I hope you will explore 'Atom in a Box' for yourself." - 2004 Physics Nobel Laureate and Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics at MIT Frank Wilczek

Winner in Computers In Physics' Ninth Annual Educational Software Contest, Atom in a Box applies highly-optimized code to directly calculate the otherwise unwieldy quantum mechanical wavefunction of an electron while it occupies any of the 140 eigenstates up to the n=7 energy level of the Hydrogen atom. The app integrates these complex values using Simpson's Rule through a path in 3D space to generate pixel brightnesses. Via the iPhone's multitouch interface and accelerometer, the user can reorient and interact with the atomic orbital. The software is even able to show the "flow" of the electron around the orbital by presenting the time-evolving phase of the wavefunction as color.

Atom in a Box is available today for US$9.99 via Apple's new App Store for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. See the App Store for price and availability outside the U.S.
Profiled and honored on national television by the William Shatner-hosted "Keeping America Strong" show, Dauger Research, Inc. makes high-performance computation and visualization easy to use and accessible to users. Our award-winning team, to better accomplish our scientific goals, reinvented the cluster computer ten years ago, pioneering easy-to-use, high-performance clusters. Dauger Research, Inc., is committed to bridging the divides between the scientifically and technically complex and the mainstream.  

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