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Download PCM

PCM for Download

Use the following link to access a download version:

PCM Installer for OS X 10.3.9 and later
(5.1 MB download)
PCM even operates correctly on mixed clusters of Intel and PowerPC Macs.

The above version of PCM is limited to launching up to four-node parallel jobs and has an expiration date. For further details, read the Security chapter of the manual for issues about security over the Internet. Check back at this web site for updates. (We recommend using StuffIt Expander to open these archives.)

Beyond The Download Version

To utilize clusters securely or to utilize greater than four nodes, you can order your custom-compiled PCM starting at the Purchase Page or at the Online Store.


The Spotlight plug-in below provides a way to have the new mechanism search job data as easily as a text file.

Spotlight Plugin icon Spotlight Job File Plug-in (64 kB download)

An Spotlight plug-in that searches job files.

This plug-in makes it possible for job data to be revealed in the new Spotlight search utility.

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