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Parallel Applications

Power Fractal for both Intel and PowerPC Macs
Drag-and-drop this parallel application into PCM.
A parallel application that rapidly computes Mandelbrot-style fractals which also demonstrates high-performance computing and parallel computing. This application was used to achieve the 1/5 TeraFlop benchmark result on 76 dual-processor Power Mac G4's at USC and the 1.21 TeraFlop benchmark result on 128 dual-processor Xserve G5's at UCLA.

MrBayes: Bayesian Inference of Phylogeny for both OS 9 and X
Drag-and-drop this parallel application into PCM
pMrBayes is a parallel application that performs Bayesian estimates of phylogeny. The program uses Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation technique to approximate the posterior probability distribution of trees. This code was written by Professors John Huelsenbeck (UC San Diego) and Fredrik Ronquist (Uppsala University), where they were able to apply easy-to-use parallel computing to biology.

Fresnel Diffraction Explorer for both OS 9 and X
Drag-and-drop this parallel application into PCM or use "Automatically Launch onto Four Nodes" under the Parallel menu.
The Fresnel Diffraction Explorer simulates Fresnel diffraction, an phenomenon of light, using an advanced set of algorithms published in the Nov/Dec 1996 issue of Computers In Physics. Version 1.3 of this application has now been parallelized, combining physical simulation and parallel computing with a Macintosh user interface.

Other Users' Applications

We can't provide the software for all the applications that run in parallel, in some cases simply because they are owned by our users.

"Your Application Here"

If you have a parallel application that you would like to see on this list, please email us. We would be happy to link to your web site, or create a new piece of our web site, describing it.

More Applications

If you know a single-node application that you would like to see parallelized, please contact the authors and publishers of that application and encourage them to parallelize their code. You may refer them to this web site for additional information, and we can also help with parallelization.

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