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Entire Dauger Research Product Line Released as Universal Applications  

Huntington Beach, CA, USA - May 16, 2006 - Dauger Research, Inc., releases all new Universal versions of its entire product line today. These include both its parallel computing technology, featuring Pooch, the first clustering solution to launch Universal Applications in parallel, and its scientific simulation and visualization technology, notably Atom in a Box, the award-winning real-time volumetric raytracer of the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals. These DR technologies, bridging the technically complex with the mainstream, today run as Universal Applications on Macs powered with PowerPC or Intel.

"Our awarding-winning work has always been both easy to use and powerful. Creating innovative and useful technologies that connect to users is our passion, and we are continuing to do so in the midst of transitions in the platform", said Dr. Dean Dauger, President of Dauger Research, Inc. "Taking most advantage of the latest technology, we are proud to debut Universal versions of our technology solutions."

DR introduces eight newly Universal Applications:

  • Pooch and Pooch Pro - New Version 1.7 - Winner of IEEE Cluster's "most innovative" award, Pooch cluster management software combines powerful, numerically-intensive parallel-computing clusters with the famed ease-of-use of the Macintosh. The first solution to support launching Universal Applications on clusters.
  • Parallel Computing Manager (PCM) - Debut - From a long-recognized leader in cluster solution providers, PCM is an unmatched combination of powerful tools to manage and maintain cluster resources in the enterprise, maximizing the power of cluster computing for its clients. Debuts as Universal today.
  • Power Fractal - New Version 1.4 - Formerly AltiVec Fractal Carbon, Power Fractal takes the most possible advantage of clusters and hardware, including AltiVec, SSE, multiprocessing, and multiple cores, to generate mathematically complex imagery. Long used to push the limits of hardware and clusters.

  • Parallel Fractal GPL - New Version 2006 - Released under GPL open source, this clustering technology shows how numerically-intensive parallelized applications work and today introduces how to automatically launch onto clusters. A framework for building easy-to-use parallel applications.
  • Atom in a Box - New Version 1.1 - This award-winning, highly-optimized software visualizes Hydrogenic atomic orbitals using volumetric raytracing in real-time. By revealing the atomic world, AiB has entranced people world-wide from children to Nobel-laureates.
  • Fresnel Diffraction Explorer - New Version 1.3 - Award-winning software simulating and visualizing Fresnel diffraction patterns of user-selected and -designed apertures based on advanced scientifically-published algorithms. FDE solves a numerically-challenging optical problem in a Macintosh interface while taking advantage of clustering too.
  • Solar System Sim - New Version 2.2 - Real-time simulator and visualizer of the N-body problem in an immersive three-dimensional environment. Using SSS, users interact with and explore the solar system while creating and destroying worlds.

All these new Universal Applications debut new features and are available today. See the web site for downloads, features, pricing, and system requirements.

Profiled and honored recently on national television by the William Shatner-hosted "Keeping America Strong" show, Dauger Research, Inc. makes high-performance computation and visualization easy to use and accessible to users. Our award-winning team, to better accomplish our scientific goals, reinvented the cluster computer in 1998, pioneering easy-to-use, high-performance clusters. Dauger Research, Inc., is committed to bridging the divides between the scientifically and technically complex and the mainstream.  

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