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Running Parallel Code

After you have your cluster up and running, you can use these links to information about what you need to run and manipulate parallel code.

  • Message-Passing Interfaces - find out about the message-passing libraries available for your parallel computing projects

  • Parallel Applications - try out others' parallel codes

  • Parallelization - learn about the issues involved in writing parallel code

  • Visualization - take advantage of the communications visualization window present in MacMPI_X

  • Dashboard - see how to monitor a Pooch cluster in an aesthetically-pleasing widget

  • Scripting & Automation - see examples of scripts and automation to direct Pooch to scan for nodes and launch jobs

  • Unix CLI - direct Pooch from the Unix command line using this open-source utility

  • Web Interface - compile and run jobs on a Pooch cluster from the web

  • Grid and Distributed Computing - execute single-processor code on multiple inputs automatically

  • Pooch Software Development Kit - download make files, project files, and code examples for a variety of different compiler and language combinations. Learn by example, pick apart these files for your use, or substitute in your own code.

  • Compiling the MPIs - read instructions describing how to compile your code with the message-passing libraries

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